Mayor's Office

Mayor Randy Horton

Welcome to the City of Russellville. Mayor Horton is honored and proud to be serving as Mayor of Russellville, and is dedicated to providing service that assists in the success of this great city, and well being of the citizens.

Mayor Randy Horton is currently serving his first term as Mayor of the City of Russellville. He was first elected as Mayor in November of 2014. Before being elected, Mayor Horton was an alderman for four years and was chairman of the City’s finance committee for three of those years, while also working in the private sector.

The mission of the City of Russellville is to provide quality services for the betterment of the health, safety, welfare, prosperity, comfort, and convenience of all persons in the City of Russellville, Arkansas. Mayor Horton values the City’s mission which is why his main projects have included overseeing the completion of a new Aquatic Center, a new Central Fire Station, revitalizing and sustaining development not just within downtown, but throughout Russellville, and helping grow the city to meet the public's needs and visions. In addition to the Mayor’s agenda, he is working to improve the walkability throughout Russellville with an increase in sidewalks. Mayor Horton is committed in working together with multiple entities to complete these improvements, and is confident that the results will be most beneficial. 

The City of Russellville, Arkansas is located in the heartland of outdoor recreation. Russellville   includes over a dozen city parks, and lays near the Ozark National Forest, Mount Nebo, Mount Magazine, and Petit Jean Mountain. Further, the city is surrounded by beautiful waters that are all within miles of Russellville, such as Lake Dardanelle, Piney Creek, the Illinois Bayou, and the Arkansas River. Russellville is also the home of Arkansas Tech University where each year the community welcomes in students from near and far.


The City of Russellville is organized as a Mayor/Council form of government. The
City Council is the City’s legislative body and consists of eight Council members. The Council sets policy, determines programs and services, and approves the City budget. Mayor Horton is distinguished as the head of the city government and is responsible for implementing policy developed by the Council and managing City operations.

Mayor Horton works with the following departments that provide daily operations and public service which keep Russellville running efficiently.

Animal Control
Community Development
Human Resources
Information Technology
Oakland Cemetery
Public Works
Recreation and Parks
City Hall