Permits & Forms

  1. Alcohol Permit (PDF)

    Apply for an alcohol permit to serve alcohol in a Russellville establishment.

  2. Building Permits & Fees

    View forms for plumbing, mechanical and electrical permit, and more.

  3. Business Permit

    Access the building permit application, view a fee schedule, and find important phone numbers.

  4. Commercial Flow Permit (PDF)

    View the process flow for obtaining a commercial permit.

  5. Open Burn Permit

    Find out how to apply for an Open Burn Permit for yard waste, commercial, or bonfire open fires.

  6. Planning & Zoning Forms

    Find forms required for plats, cell towers, special use, and more.

  7. Recreation Permits & Forms

    Access forms and reports for the Recreation and Parks Department of Russellville.

  8. Special Event Permit

    Request to have a special event held in the City of Russellville.