Operations Division

Russellville Fire Department is a full-time career department staffed with firefighter/paramedics or firefighter/EMTs. With these personnel the Department operates two Paramedic, Advanced Life Support (ALS) Engines, two Basic Life Support (BLS) Engines and one Ladder. To facilitate efficiency, personnel are cross-trained and participate in the delivery of all services.

A Battalion Chief  oversees and is responsible for a specific 24-hour shift ("A", "B" or "C"). They supervise all of the personnel, stations, and incidents within the City for the duration of the shift. Firefighters work 24 hours on, 48 hours off and change shifts at 7:30 AM. The team assigned to a particular apparatus (engine or ladder) and the apparatus itself is known as a "fire company."

The Emergency Operations Division provides the residents of Russellville with fire suppression and protection, emergency rescue capabilities, and ALS/BLS emergency medical services. Customer Service is our primary goal for the citizens of Russellville, obtained through providing safety, mitigating emergency situations, thereby reducing loss of life and property.

Special Operations, a unique part of Emergency Operations, consist of personnel that are certified firefighters who have also received specialized training in HazMat Mitigation, Water Rescue, Rope Rescue, Confined Space Rescue, Trench and Building Collapse Rescue, and Radiological Emergencies. Through extensive training, these teams have prepared themselves to be deployed and engage in emergencies both locally and statewide.  

In addition to responding to emergency incidents, fire station personnel are responsible for conducting fire prevention inspections in their area; developing pre-fire plans of businesses and apartment complexes; participating in continuing education and skills training; maintaining their equipment and station; presenting public education messages at schools, community events, station tours; and installing smoke alarms in low-income homes.