Federal RAISE Grant Application and Award

On February 28, 2023, the City of Russellville submitted an application to the Federal government for a RAISE Grant. This application represented the culmination of extensive research, engineering analysis, field investigations, and thorough documentation over several months.

On June 22, 2023, the Mayor of Russellville was informed by Senator Boozman that the City's application had been successful, and they were selected as one of the recipients of the RAISE grant for the 2023 application period. Out of more than 1100 applications, only 162 grants were awarded, with 113 allocated for construction purposes and the remaining 49 for planning purposes. Senator Breanne Davis praised the City's impressive application and noted that achieving this award on their first try was unprecedented.

The City of Russellville was granted $23,752,759 million to construct approximately 13 miles of 10-foot multi-use trails. These trails will connect areas north of I-40 with a pedestrian overpass over I-40, leading to the heart of Russellville. This development will enable continuous travel from Gum Street to Lock and Dam Park and from the Junior High to Valley Park Center. The positive impact on Russellville is expected to be substantial and lasting, benefiting many generations to come!

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Project Map

Application Materials