District Court

Arkansas District Courts have county-wide jurisdiction over traffic cases, misdemeanor cases, preliminary felony cases, and civic cases in matters of less than $5,000.  There are 230 district courts and departments in Arkansas, served by 109 district court judges.

Pope County District Court is presided by the Honorable Clay McCall.  Judge McCAll serves in the designated department of the courts as follows:

Department Date and Time
Pope County
8:30AM (pleas) 10:00AM (trials) each Tuesday
District Court, Russellville
Russellville 1:00PM (pleas) each Tuesday, 9:30AM and 1:00PM (trials) each Wednesday
District Court, Russellville
Dover 4:00PM (pleas and trials) 1st Monday of each month
City Hall, Dover
Atkins 5:00PM (pleas and trials) 4th Monday of each month
City Hall, Atkins
London 5:00PM (pleas and trials) 2nd Monday of each month
City Hall, London
Pottsville 3:00PM (pleas and trials) 2nd Thursday of each month
City Hall, Pottsville
Traffic tickets and criminal cases are heard at each department.  Civil and Small claims cases are only heard at the Russellville / Pope County Department location, in the county seat, on Monday's and Thursdays at 1:30PM.

The Pope County District has no Specialty Programs.

Atkins Department Clerk, Crystal Watson: 479-641-1811

Dover Department Clerk, Vonna Marpel: 479-331-3270

London Department Clerk, Tara Bruhn: 479-293-4513

Pottsville Department Clerk, Tabby Vogt: 479-567-5666

Russellville Department Clerk, Laura Stephenson: 479-968-1393